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Testing Certification

About the Program
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Engine designs and systems are more complex than ever before. New environmental regulations require cleaner-running engines, while customers expect the same power and performance they have relied on for years. Are your technicians qualified to meet these new demands and provide outstanding service?

Kohler offers several opportunities to increase technical knowledge that can help provide better service support to your customers. Our Kohler Factory Schools are the best way to gain in-depth knowledge of: KOHLER engines, factory parts, servicing techniques, new service procedures and time saving tips. We also have a wide array of training materials available for self-study. Refer to www.kohlerplus.com for additional information.

Kohler also offers technician certification. The assessment contains 60 questions covering six areas:

  • Engine Theory
  • Electrical
  • Fuel Systems
  • Engine Measurements and Application
  • Engine Analysis and Warranty
  • Service and Tool Usage

Technicians must score 70-85% to obtain Registered status; 86% or higher earns Expert status. Simply click "Take the Test Online" and follow the on screen instructions to register.