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Kohler Oil

Unlike standard automotive motor oil, KOHLER oil is specially formulated for small engines. Heavy-duty additives offer protection against oxidation, viscosity breakdown and acid contamination from combustion by-products, wear and friction.

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Kohler 10W-30
Kohler 10W-30

This multi-viscosity oil pumps easily to provide instant lubrication to overhead valve components during start-up. Providing the full protection of an SAE-30 oil at operating temperatures, KOHLER 10W-30 universal oil is extremely resistant to viscosity shearing and stays in grade through its normal service life.

  • An excellent "fleet" oil to use in every piece of equipment.
  • Exceeds API service rating SJ. Also exceeds MIL-2104E & MIL-46152E, Mack E/O, K/2 Caterpillar TO-2, Cummins NTC 3000 & Allison C-4.
  • Designed for use in all KOHLER Command, Command PRO, CS, Courage, Aegis and Triad/OHC engines.
Kohler SAE-30
Kohler SAE-30

KOHLER SAE-30 universal oil provides instant lubrication while providing full protection at operating temperatures.

  • Extremely resistant to viscosity shearing.
  • Ensures maximum performance & extends engine life.
  • Exceeds API service rating SJ as well as MIL-2104E & MIL-L-46152, Mack E/O, K/X, Caterpillar TO-2, Cummins NTC400 and Allison C-4.
  • Designed for use in all Kohler engines.